1 GPU = 20 TFLOPS in 2015 (William Dally)

William Dally, Nidia chief scientist

William Dally, Nidia chief scientist

Yes, these are the figures said by Chief scientist of Nvidia Corporation., William Dally. Its 20 times more, than today best GPU’s lige GTX295 (about 1 TFLOPS) do.  Key factors are MIMS technology, allowing to prosess multiple different instructions at same time. Also added asynchronous capabilities, making GPU’s very effective in parallel tasks.

Wiiliam Dally was presently the chairman of Stanford University’s computer science department.


Supermicro to produce 1U Tesla-equipped server — but nothing to mention


Hmm. No meat, no fish, not even dessert this SuperMicro GPU 1U system. What is it really? Only 2 Tesla 1060 GPU cards and less than 2 TFLOPS of power?! Why all industrial/corporate companies hesitate to use double GPU cards? Cooling is the key, if You are able to keep GPU card temperature below 80 degrees C, It’s very stable. But double power!

If I’d have to make 1U massively parallel number-cruncher, it will be at least 6 TFLOPS thing. Three times over Supermicro How? By using 3 double-GPU GT200 cards side by side, more effective cooling by using radial fans (instead of funny small ones, used in SuperMicro), PCIe extender cables, small 1-socket motherboard. There is no need for multi-HDD RAID systems, so I’d leave HDD subsystem for 2,5″ or SSD.

10 000 000 points FAH

Estonia Donates 10 Million points to F@H

Estonia Donates 10 Million points to F@H

Awesome video about life of a cell

Source: Harward University

NVIDIA GT300 update

There are some news (rumors) from Bright Side. Good news is that GT300 power usage is about 225W. This means, that You need 2 x 6-pin PCI-E power connectors, not 8-pin any more. This looks like not very important technical thing, but I can tell that many people dont use multi-GTX295’s because of PSU limitations. So, good developments. And Earth will be greener.