NVIDIA G300 will achieve 2,4 TFLOPS


Based on technicad data about NVIDIA GT300 shader units frequencies, memory speed and other, people fom Harware-Infos (Germany) have decided, that G300 performance will be 2,4 TFLOPS. Its quite a leap up from latest GTX280 cards 0,933 TFLOPS. Comparision is not direct, as G300 supports MIMD architecture, but GTX280 only SIMD.



  1. 2.4 GigaFLOPs? Current GTX 285 is almost 1 Teraflop, are we turning back on speed?

  2. Heh, somebody read actually my blog 🙂 … and thikn. Good sign, I’m on the right track 🙂
    Typo edited…



  3. clever article! I believe that benefits me nicely. Answers a few fears for me. grazie!

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