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Russian oveclockers were somehow able to run 4 WU’s on GTX295 and push 25 900 PPD’s from ONE GTX295 card. Impressive! I don’t know yet, what technique they use, but if its possible, then there is a way how to exploit GTX much better and push bar higher. Read more here…

Another guy from Folding@Home Forums has i7 based system with water-cooled GTX295-s. Nice custom system, I have to say. Read more here…

G300 and GT300 GPU’s are around the corner. New GPU has 512 shaders (todays max is 240), MIMD programming arhitecture instead of todays SIMD (Single instruction, multiple data), new DDR5 ultra fast memory 512 bit wide and DirectX 11. Still, new 40 nm technology is not right there and some delays are expected. Read about 40 nm issues…

Most Powerful Folders (administrated by me) is getting quite popular. 6000 views, 12 pages of posts and 160 replies. Top folders have 50 000 + PPD results from single system board. Look at the list…


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  1. You maybe want to take a look at the pessimistic side of the GT300 story

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