First in Estonia


Team Estonia top-20 folding@home

Team Estonia top-20 folding@home

I joined F@H project just in January 11-th 2009. So, I’m relatively new folder, compared to members, folding from the year 2003. I have been long time most productive folder, due to my monster GPU rig. My rig does some 140 000 PPD, eg about one Million PPD per week. Today I took #1 position in Team Estonia by total score (not daily score). 

In whole world perspective I’m in top 25 by daily performance, about 140 000 PPD of all half million registered folders around the world. In total score I’m around #600.

Future — I’ll finish my rig, adding last 4 GTX cards and find good A/C’d home to it. Projected daily performance will be around 200 000 PPD. Same time I start small workgroup to develot scientific software, used bu univesities and scietific research institutes and laboratories. This software will use know-how of estonian scientists and my knowledge of GPGPU and programming and marketing.



  1. Impressive! Its interesting to follow your progress.

  2. Tänud, Karl


  3. Are you interested in having guest bloggers?

  4. Whenever I come her it makes me think or smile so here is a little off topic comment to give you the same problem! Thanx again for your hard work and effort!:

    A proverb is a short sentence based on long experience. 🙂

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