Asus launced super-motherboard with 7 PCI-E slots

Asus P6T7WS 7 PCI-E motherboard

Asus P6T7WS 7 PCI-E motherboard

Asus launched P6T7 WS SuperComputer motherboard with7 PCI-E Gen2 x16, specially designed for CUDA applications.

Main features:

  • Intel® Core™ i7 Processor and Xeon® processor supported
  • Double Nvidia® nForce 200 chipset
  • CUDA Parallel computing supported
  • 7 PCI-E Gen2 x16 IO onboard
  • Supports NVIDIA® Geforce 3-Way SLI™ techonology
  • Supports ATI® CrossFireX™ technology, up to Quad CrossFireX™

Very interesting piece of technology indeed, and first CUDA-specialised card I know.



  1. Can we water cool the single board gtx295 in one slot?

    7 GTX295 on one motherboard, make it happen first in ESTONIA! There is enough room on the big rack for a big pump and radiator!

  2. Yes, it’s theoretically possible. There is some images of single-pcb GTX295, look . Still early to say is it really possible.


  3. You should prepare a proof-of-concept system with 7 gtx295! contact custom metal workers, I’ve seen custom water blocks before! one system to lead the world!

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