MSI rolled out GTX295 water-cooled GPU, soon GTX295 ???


Water-cooled GTX295

Water-cooled GTX295

MSI started to manufacture water-cooled GTX285 cards. High temperatures is main enemy of high-revving folding system and copper/water cooling reduces temperatures dramatically. But, this is single PCB GTX285, not sandwitch-construction GTX295, mainly used in high-end folding machines. Latest rumors say, that NVIDIA is going to roll out single-PCB GTX295, cheaper to produce. This is also easily water-cooled. Current sanwiched 2-PCB construction makes it too costly to produce.



  1. I’ve seen water cooled GTX 295 and the copper plate that can be fit into a GTX 295 in order to make it water coolable.

    Prices I’ve seen:

    GTX 295 with water cooling is 150% over the normal card
    copper panel DIY for GTX 295 is 25% of the price of a card

    Prefered to use % to be contry independent.

  2. Yes, Water cooling is pricey, but sometimes nessessity.

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