NVIDIA is ready for Windows 7

I started to experiment with MS Windows 7 lately. It’s new, fresk, fully functional and FREE. In general, nobody is offering Win 7 drivers yet. NVIDIA is quite positive exeption, having Win 7 drivers officially available at their website:

nvidia windows 7 drivers are ready to use

nvidia windows 7 drivers are ready to use

Most probably they teart their lesson from Vista launch, when they struggled with new drivers…


NVIDIA G300 will achieve 2,4 TFLOPS


Based on technicad data about NVIDIA GT300 shader units frequencies, memory speed and other, people fom Harware-Infos (Germany) have decided, that G300 performance will be 2,4 TFLOPS. Its quite a leap up from latest GTX280 cards 0,933 TFLOPS. Comparision is not direct, as G300 supports MIMD architecture, but GTX280 only SIMD.

Latest folding news

Russian oveclockers were somehow able to run 4 WU’s on GTX295 and push 25 900 PPD’s from ONE GTX295 card. Impressive! I don’t know yet, what technique they use, but if its possible, then there is a way how to exploit GTX much better and push bar higher. Read more here…

Another guy from Folding@Home Forums has i7 based system with water-cooled GTX295-s. Nice custom system, I have to say. Read more here…

G300 and GT300 GPU’s are around the corner. New GPU has 512 shaders (todays max is 240), MIMD programming arhitecture instead of todays SIMD (Single instruction, multiple data), new DDR5 ultra fast memory 512 bit wide and DirectX 11. Still, new 40 nm technology is not right there and some delays are expected. Read about 40 nm issues…

Most Powerful Folders (administrated by me) is getting quite popular. 6000 views, 12 pages of posts and 160 replies. Top folders have 50 000 + PPD results from single system board. Look at the list…

First in Estonia


Team Estonia top-20 folding@home

Team Estonia top-20 folding@home

I joined F@H project just in January 11-th 2009. So, I’m relatively new folder, compared to members, folding from the year 2003. I have been long time most productive folder, due to my monster GPU rig. My rig does some 140 000 PPD, eg about one Million PPD per week. Today I took #1 position in Team Estonia by total score (not daily score). 

In whole world perspective I’m in top 25 by daily performance, about 140 000 PPD of all half million registered folders around the world. In total score I’m around #600.

Future — I’ll finish my rig, adding last 4 GTX cards and find good A/C’d home to it. Projected daily performance will be around 200 000 PPD. Same time I start small workgroup to develot scientific software, used bu univesities and scietific research institutes and laboratories. This software will use know-how of estonian scientists and my knowledge of GPGPU and programming and marketing.

Asus launced super-motherboard with 7 PCI-E slots

Asus P6T7WS 7 PCI-E motherboard

Asus P6T7WS 7 PCI-E motherboard

Asus launched P6T7 WS SuperComputer motherboard with7 PCI-E Gen2 x16, specially designed for CUDA applications.

Main features:

  • Intel® Core™ i7 Processor and Xeon® processor supported
  • Double Nvidia® nForce 200 chipset
  • CUDA Parallel computing supported
  • 7 PCI-E Gen2 x16 IO onboard
  • Supports NVIDIA® Geforce 3-Way SLI™ techonology
  • Supports ATI® CrossFireX™ technology, up to Quad CrossFireX™

Very interesting piece of technology indeed, and first CUDA-specialised card I know.

MSI rolled out GTX295 water-cooled GPU, soon GTX295 ???


Water-cooled GTX295

Water-cooled GTX295

MSI started to manufacture water-cooled GTX285 cards. High temperatures is main enemy of high-revving folding system and copper/water cooling reduces temperatures dramatically. But, this is single PCB GTX285, not sandwitch-construction GTX295, mainly used in high-end folding machines. Latest rumors say, that NVIDIA is going to roll out single-PCB GTX295, cheaper to produce. This is also easily water-cooled. Current sanwiched 2-PCB construction makes it too costly to produce.

My lecture in Tallinn Tech University about GPGPU

Lecture in Tallinn Tech University GPGPU May 2009