NVIDIA GeForce, Tesla and Quadro


NVIDIA Tesla card on motherboard

NVIDIA Tesla card on motherboard

People ask, what is the difference between NVIDIA GeForce, Tesla and Quadro:

in the nutshell:

GeForce: low price gaming card, still very powerful, rolling out newest GPU’s and architectures first like GTX295 double card;

Quadro: corporate pricing, better CAD support, testig is more through, more memory, basically using same GPU-s than GeForce (Quadro FX 5800 = GTX280 240 shader GPU)

Tesla: GPCPU / CUDA computing card, no video output. Tesla C1060 about same as GeForce GTX 280, exactly the same as Quadro FX 5800.

So, for home folding — GeForce is the way to go. F@H is low memory intensive task, additional memory of Tesla and Quadro does not give any advantage. Also the price is way cheaper

There is excellent article in Toms Harware covering the differences of Gaming and Corporate cards.



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