GPU card for Folding to choose today

We know, that in game-playing world there are 2 titans — NVIDIA and ATI, pushing bar higher and higher. In Folding world the is one king only — NVIDIA. ATI cards are powerful on paper, but in real (folding)life they lag behind.

Here is quite useful table to choose right GPU card for folding:

NVIDIA folding gpu card PPDs

NVIDIA folding gpu card PPD's

Having ambitious plans, there is currently only one way to go — GTX295 double card. In the table only 1/2 card PPD performance is shown. Other cards are single GPU cards and allow max 4 GPU conf’s, as GTX295 doubles one rig capacity.



  1. What project was used for this graph? Seems like old data, cuurent projects are slower imo.

  2. Absolutely not over-est. At least my GTX280 and GTX295 are doing at least these figures in average.


  3. The numbers seem to come from un-overclocked cards but with the fastest 353 pointer WU.

    Another note: the 9800gx2 is also a twin gpu card which effectively would be second to gtx295 if both gpu’s performance were counted in the chart.

  4. What kind of numerics is mostly used in protein folding? Single precision floating points?
    Are they memory-demanding?
    How would GTX 295 performance compare to that of Tesla? Quadro(s)?


  5. F%H uses mainly single precision computation. Read more here:
    No, they are not memory demanding, there is no advantage of additional memory of Quadro or Tesla at all. Tesla C1060 about same as GeForce GTX 280 , eg max about 7400 PPD. Tesla C1060 and GTX 280 and Quadro FX 5200 share same basic architecture, 240 stream processors. GTX has 1GB RAM, Tesla and Quadro have 4GB RAM. But Tesla is expensive, much better idea to use consumer products lige GeForce

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