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Nvidia GT200 GT300 roadmap



Nvidia GT200 GT300 roadmap


How long rules current 55nm Nvidia GTX295, based on GT200 core? We know, that 2009 Q4 we’ll see lot of good news:

  • CUDA 3.0
  • GT300 core
  • DX11

GT300 will be possibly first 40nm card from Nvidia. Better power efficiency helps to get heat down from current near 300W readings per GTX295. The GT300’s architecture will be based on a new form of number-crunching machinery. While today’s NVIDIA GPUs feature a SIMD (single instruction multiple data) computation mechanism, the GT300 will introduce the GPU to MIMD (multiple instructions multiple data) mechanism. This is expected to boost the computational efficiency of the GPU many-fold. The ALU cluster organization will be dynamic, pooled, and driven by a crossbar switch. Once again, NVIDIA gets to drop clock-speeds and power consumptions, while achieving greater levels of performance than current-generation GPUs. With GT300, NVIDIA will introduce the next major update to CUDA. With the new GPUs being built on the 40nm silicon fabrication process, transistor counts are expected to spiral-up. NVIDIA’s GT300 is expected to go to office in Q4 2009, with its launch schedule more or less dependent on that of Microsoft’s Windows 7 operating system that brings in DirectX 11 support (source: Harware-Infos).

CUDA Roadmap

CUDA Roadmap

CUDA 3.0 is mainly good news to developers, but we will see more and more GPGPU capale applications like Adobe CS3 and other…



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