Folding rig for beginners

Many people ask questions and take first steps in protein folding on GPU’s. What configuration to choose? It all comes down to the budget. Best bang for the buck configuration for 20 000+ PPD rig would be:

  • 2 x NVIDIA9800 GX2 cards (each has 2 GPU’s)
  • MSI K9A2 CF system board (has 2 x PCIX x16 with enough space between);
  • CPU some AMD cheaper Phenom X3;
  • 2 GB RAM (just enough for 4 GPU clients + SMP);
  • WIN XP x32 (compatible with 2 GPU systems)

I would not put money on CPU, as 20 000 PPD is coming from GPU-s and why to pay lots of $$ for rest 5-10% of performance.It requires affordable 650-750W PSU with 2×6-pin and 2×8-pin PCI-E connectors (this is important to have!).


MSI K9A2 CF: … od_no=1333

9800 GX2: … 9800%20GX2

PSU: … 6817148035


I believe, this system is very-very good in PPD per $ scale.


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