NewEgg s*cks

Ok, today I received information from NewEgg, that they don’t accept my Visa, neither Mastercard, cause my cards issued outside of USA. SEB, one of the leading Scandinavian banks is not good for them! Great!

So, I had to order from PC Planet, Germany, to speed thing up. Due to that, I had to switch PSU choice again. My new choice is Thermaltake ToughPower 1500 with cable management. It has 4 independent 12 Volt rails and allows to add 4 PCI-E cards, so has to be good for me.

Good thing is, that delivery from germany is spot-on quick, customer service is precise and quick and I dont have to pay VAT, as technically Estonia and Germany are one country — EU.


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  1. Sorry to hear that Jaak, if I can help with supplies let me know.

    I’m in Houston, Texas for next 3 days on business trip but I will be checking my emails.


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