I blew off my supercomputer

Adding 4.-tg GPU card to my supercomputer caused PSU to swich off. I tried it several times, but finally loud “pop” sounded and my houses main fuse popped off. PSU occured short-circuit’ed and system was dead.

I dont have any information about mu GTX 295’s, did they survive power failiour or not. Can’t wait Monday…

So, until I get proper PSU, my project is compromised.



  1. Ouch, sorry to hear that Jaak. Probably 295s are OK, PSU dead I bet.


  2. Yikes-hope the GPUs survive unscathed! I’ve bumped my PSU cables twice and cut out some of the power to my 9800gx2’s and they’ve been fine upon restarting.

    Will you go for 1 PSU or 2?

    Maybe this isn’t something you’d try this week (given your PSU luck!) but evga forum members have been posting 1580-1600 on the shaders w/ a voltage bump using the new evga voltage tuner (tho there are other options available for other brands)

    good luck!


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  4. Ok, when I had 4 x 295 on the paper I made power calculations from tech specs: 4 x 289 Watts + 300 watts (system board + chip-set + cpu + fans) = 1456 Watts. This and lack of PSU-s having enough 6-pin and 8-pin PCI-E connectors made me plan 2 PSU system. From direct measurements from my 3 x 295 system I got actual power requirements and I saw that 1250 W supply yis OK. And Cooler Master has also nice 4 x 12 V rail PSU.

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  6. Jaak,

    I admire your dedication to the folding effort. I only wish I could keep up with you in points. For now 12,000 PPD will have to be enough.

    Yash Budini on the folding forums.

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