New rig had burn-in period at 1/4 power

Last rig, named ESTONIA-DONATES-03 arrived today with 1 GTX 295. I will burn in PSU and rest of the system with 1 card. Rig was OS-less, so I had to install it and everything else.

What I did:

  1. Installed Windows XP Pro x32
  2. Installed Google Chrome, my favourite browser by far
  3. Downloaded and installed AVG Free
  4. Installed MSI Platinium drivers (Realtek network, ATI chipset, sound, RAID)
  5. Downloaded and installed NVIDIA driver 181.22 and System Tools 6.03
  6. Installed SP3 + other updates
  7. Downloaded and installed Folding@Home GPU software and CPU software
  8. Made new data directories and program shortcuts with parameters for each GPU
  9. Downloaded and installed FahMon, installed 3 clients
  10. Downloaded and installed GPU-Z for GPU temperature monitoring
  11. Downloaded and installed SmartDefrag to keep HDD tidy and fast
  12. Downloaded and installed Lavalys Everest Ultimate, overall diagnostics
  13. Started GPU and CPU clients

Now it had 12-hour burn-in at 1/4 power level. It works just fine, today I add 3 more GTX 295’s.



  1. Jaak! Good to see you are on your way too.

    If you ever need help from the USA getting parts let me know. Thanks for the mention a few days ago!

    Jason Farque

  2. Thanks for Your help. Please read
    Thaks for Your tip about PSU.

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