Running 3 x NVIDIA GTX 295 CUDA system 5,3 TFLOPS


3 x NVIDIA GTX 295 Folding@home system, total 44 000 PPD

3 x NVIDIA GTX 295 CUDA Folding@home system, total 44 000 PPD


Today I made another upgrade. Instead of 1 GTX 280 I use 295, so it makes 3 x GTX 295 system with total arithmetic processing power 5,3 TGLOPS (single precision).

Theoretically my upgraded system is capable of 44 000 PPD F@H.

This is last upgrade of this rig. Next rig will improve performance just another 33%. Until now my test has been un-believable successful.



  1. Hi,
    Which nVidia-Driver do U use, the 185.20 Version gives incredible speed. 10442 ppd with 260 Card.
    in the middle of the page, post from arschkeks.
    On a 5903 WU
    Dsingis_Cambodianno in Folding@Anno team. (Rank 256)

  2. Hi!
    What motherboard are you using for these experiments?
    Realy interesting because there are plenty of them with
    quite different properties. And other hardware setup is interesting too.
    You can just reply here, this page says it mails automatically.
    Thanks for the reply.

  3. I use MSI K9A2 Platinum. It has 4 PCI-X double spaced slots and plenty of 5V and 12V current headroom on expansion slots.
    Read more:

  4. Woooo that is very nice! But i hope you have good airflow in your case. ’cause that can get very hot i guess.
    But really nice man!

  5. Hi, do you have an idea to run 3 GTX280 on MSI K9A2 Platinum 790FX, what type of PSU could work? Thanks.

  6. Hi jjimm. You may find rally many posts about this topic here in my blog. Y Would say, that go for 1000W unit, having 3x PCI-e connectors. If there reads cable management, most probably it has required number of power connectors.


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