My 1,8 TFLOPS personal supercomputer (PSC)

These are the new images:

Estonia Donates, external view

Note 2 x 90mm fans on she side, pushing cold air to 2 GPU’s (keeping GPU tenperature around 80 degrees C) and one 120 mm fan on the back, sucking hot CPU and chipset air out from the case. There are 2 more fans on the other side, cooling HDD-s.

Estonia Donates internals

You can see (from the top) blue Everest Pro 1200w power supply; AMD x4 Phenom cooler; 2 x NVIDIA GTX 280 GPU-s (combined arithmetic performance 1,8 TFLOPS = 1800 GFLOPS single-point). Power to 236 Watt GPU-s is feeded via separate PCI-E connectors directly from power supply.


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